Thursday, June 23, 2011

Resto: The gearbox was opened for inspection!

With Monty now all stripped of body panels I can start to make my way along the chassis to inspect this and that and as the motor runs very well and only serviced 6 months ago the next best thing to do is the little 3 speed gearbox. 
I opened the top of the gearbox for the first time and had a look inside, thick chocolate brown sticky oil which is most likely the orginal 600w oil covering everything is what I found up to the correct level mark on the filler thread located on the side of the gearbox.
I am no mechanic but they certainly look nice and square with plenty of life left on them, no chips or chunks of metal out of them either from what I could see anywhere and also the gearstick has always felt solid, slots into gear firmly and the lever does not slop around when driving down the road so all looks good and remember with the low milage on the car it should be all good.

Here is a picture after I cleaned, brushed and flushed out the box with turps a few times before I refilled it with new Penrite gear oil which is suited to yellow metals. 

Diff, axle, rear wheels and brakes are next on the list so we'll just see what surprises are in store for us soon.
Ray is coming up Friday night with his a special 1928 chevy "wheel puller" as the rear wheels are very tight to remove from the axle, this special tool does the job very easily without damaging any threads in the process, so we can look at the old asbestos brake linings while we are at it but we both think that they are toast!!.


  1. Great work, and I love the photo. Great to hear that all looked good!

  2. 600W gear oil, it that right or a typo?