Thursday, July 21, 2011

Resto: Laid on some paint today!

With a good weeks work completed and under my belt as it was fast approaching Friday lunchtime plus the shed being all warm & cosy which was perfect for painting I made the decision to put down the signwriting brushes early and start masking up the Chev for the chassis to be sprayed with etched primer and then chassis black paint.
I was also able to get the use of my cousins fork lift from around the corner which made the job of getting underneath a lot easier and quicker to paint....
With five cheap $1.90 disposable drop sheets from the paint shop purchased, I used one on each wheel and completely wrapped it all around the tyre, poked it down around the timber spokes and then got a piece of fine string and looped it between the brake housing and the inside of the timber spokes and tired it off tight, worked a treat and no over spray anywhere.
Then I just wrapped and taped up the radiator and engine back to the clutch housing so that when the bonnet is lifted up the engine will still have that old original look to it, well that's the plan anyway, also the steering wheel & column, pedals and gear lever were taped.

And the end result after about 2 hours of painting, I'm happy!!!

Well next on the cards I guess will be the timber work on the inside of the body and also the main timber rails  which is all totally new to me, so some much thought out home work and study will be required.

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  1. Looks good - great to see the progress here mate. Keep up the good work & don't forget to invite me down for a test drive once it's back on the road. ;)
    Chris aka coledude