Saturday, August 6, 2011

Resto: I sort of made a start......

An attempt to make a start on some timber work was made over the weekend but it was a little slow.
I have now had a good look at the 4 x door frames and their timbers and apart from the one piece that is completely stuffed on the back passenger door (see photo) the other bits on the doors are all very good, still very strong so I have decided that I will leave them in there, this might come back to haunt me in years to come but like I said, they are all in good condition with no flex or movement.

To make sure of any bugs or borers I made up a large flat tray, filled it with kerosene and a borer killer liquid then laid each door in the fluid and completely soaked them one at a time for about an hour each, I can only see any form of timber rot in that one peice still and the 2 x centre sections that go between the front and rear doors well they are actually really stuffed on the bottoms on each one so they will be completely re-timbered.

Friday afternoon I called by the local hardware and I located some really nice KD local ash timber in some very handy sizes and also the local cabinet maker has given me some very good commercial type timber glue..

Anyway it's is small start.... Thanks

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