Saturday, October 8, 2011

Resto - Timber spoke wheels all completed

And here is a picture of my handy work, I'm very happy with the look of them and also the end finish of the timber surface, the 3rd photo down is a "before" picture....

One thing I have started to learn and find out quickly is that it is very hard to restore a car of this nature and make it still look old and original, it's alot bloody harder than it sounds and believe my I have had many a sleepless night just thinking about it.
I decided not to lacquer the timber spokes for now, I don't want them all shiney or even painted in a satin finish which will still look to new for old Monty so I went for a timber oil which soaks in well and protects the timber from the elements but the draw back is that I will have to apply a coat every six months or so......wait and see I guess.

Today I ran the die nut over all of the 24 bolts and cleaned up the threads that hold the four brake drums onto the timber spokes and then I put everything back together again, even checked the air pressure in the tyres, lowered it off the jack stands, hit the starter button and drove Monty out of the workshop all of 20 feet then stopped sundenly under the carport as the weather is really wet and crappy....

This here is my next part to tackle, the front cowl..... I made up the two new timber sections for it and as you can see in the photo this is where they are to go but first I have to get two panels (valances) that go along the side of the car below the doors and above the running boards as sadly the originals were rusted very bladly where they hold between main timber rails and the chassis.....Not much I can do about that really...
Once they come then the timber rails can go down on the chassis along with the valances, then the cowl can be bolt down and then the fun can start....doors, mud guards, bonnet, seats, centre sections, and rear tub, etc, etc, etc....The old banger will start to take shape
Notice on the lower sides of the cowl I have had a new left and right section butt welded into the body as again it had rust unlike the timber rails that were just rotted and sat in this same position and an attempt was made at repairing the rust many years ago with some bog, this had to come out!! so for $40 you can get a pair of new replacement repair panels from here in Australia which are custom made to fit the 1928 Chevrolet.

There will be more to come and many thanks for taking an interest..... Remember it's small steps!!

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