Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Resto: Seat Frame - Update "Look No Clamps"

Today I had a couple of metal plates cut out while I was getting some signpanels cut up for work at the local "metal-works" which I attached onto the upper curved metal seat ends and then onto the timber centre posts, one on each side that were short due to the seat being moved back 1" further as described in the last post and so tonight after dinner I found myself out in the workshop and after about 30 minutes I had then both installed and painted black....... BUT!!
I accidentally sprayed them with "gloss" black :( instead of the normal "flat" black :) that Monty is so very much used to, so what a disappointing end result to a rather simple yet rewarding little job....... Cheers

PS: when the paint dries out wll come the "flat" black for a quick recoat :)


  1. Gee the best part of Monty, the most signy part will be covered by upolstery. You are having upolstery I hope?

  2. Upolstery is for girlies, real men just use the old springs....

    1. I believe the produce store at Moe has matching hessian bags. Wow luxury upolstery, Gippsland style. Just the thing when your cruizing the streets in your board shorts.

  3. dont forget the Queensland safety boots.......THONGS
    makes the picture complete..