Sunday, June 10, 2012

In 12months We Went From This to This


One year ago today, my friend Ray Dean and I dismantled all the body panels off the old chevy to reveal the tired looking running gear and chassis covered in 83yrs worth of mud, grease and oil.... When Ray left that sunday afternoon to head back to Melbourne I sat on the back step of our house just staring at the mess and work that I had created, the stack of panels, the rotten timber sections and thinking WTF have I done and how the hell am I going to get this car back together again... I had allowed in my mind when we started this resto that it would take 3, maybe 4 years to complete if we just keep chipping away at it on weekends, Oh how wrong was I....
Yep in 12 months we went from this photo below, to the last photo....But it looks the same after all that work I hear you ? Well yes it does but everything in between was cleaned, replaced, repaired, renewed, you name it, it was done and it was done right....... Brakes, seals, bushes, bearings, fuel lines, wiring, leads, belts,  timbers, nut and bolts etc etc etc.

Next is the interior and hood...... Hmmmmmm should be interesting..

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