Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Last Sunday In The Resto Shed & RWC In Hand


Well at 8am on this overcast spring Sunday morning Ray Dean and I had the resto shed doors flung open and we were straight into finishing off the Chev, well after our coffee that is...

With the roadworthy inspection booked in for tomorrow we had a couple of things to finish off on ole Monty to make it all ready to roll and get its paperwork stamped.

A new light switch dial face was first to get installed, but first the switch itself had to be removed from behind the dash, the old face removed and there was not much left of the original one as the photo below shown.
The tinware got a clean and buff up on the wire wheel then the whole thing was reassembled and mounted back into the instrument housing... It looks very neat now.

How the light switch looked before hand, just nothing there at all 

The old 6 volt wiper motor that had been rebuilt and cleaned up was installed and wires ran down under the dash and also we ran its own on/off switch to the dash face, we tested the wiper later at the end of the day out driving in the pouring rain and all worked very well... Did Ray enjoy the rain?, not really as all I heard about was how good a hood would be on the car......Living the dream mate.

A resistor was placed onto the headlight switch at the back of the dash to give us now a working low and high beam as before we only had a high beam, and if you are wondering the power of the original 6 volt high beam lights was and is inequivalent to the power of 11 candles burning at once.

A new heavier battery bracket was next installed, the positive battery lead was shortened for a more neater, safer fit and then a heavy duty hidden isolating switch was wired in down through the front seat frame, this for a anti-theft device and also to completely shut down the electrical system for safety reasons.

We have done our best, we are confident, we checked, checked and doubled checked everything that we could see and think of, so as I mention earlier a test drive was in order and it didn't matter that it was raining, that did not seem to bother us today, we just wanted test drive this now completed 1928 Chevrolet, which we did and once again it went very well, although a little damp in places.

Time will tell and fingers crossed for tomorrow.... Cheers

Roadworthy Certificate Update:

Monday 22nd October

Well this morning I presented Monty to the mechanic for the RWC ( Roadworthy Certificate) but not before a few hick ups with the indicator flasher unit just before I was about to drive out the driveway, but they were sorted after a couple of hours.

Basically everything on the Chev passed "Good job, all well and looks fine but I cannot pass the headlight reflectors, they are just not shiny enough" the mechanic said.

I came away pleased that all the major items were ticked off and given the green light and that only a small item stopped us, but all will be fixed and I will get back there for the paperwork asap.

Thank you.....

Tuesday 23rd October

Last night had me on the phone tracking down some better headlight reflectors, I made a few calls here and there locally and this morning I had found a pair in perfect condition still on a 1925 Chevrolet tucked away under covers in the back of a shed up on the hill behind Trafalgar, I knew the owner and he was only to glad to help out, so with a bit of a polish and a clean I had them installed on my Chev and over to the mechanic I went asap who then inspected the reflectors and wrote up the certificate.

Below is one Certificate Of Roadworthiness and tomorrow it will be vehicle registration.



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