Saturday, December 22, 2012

1928 Chevrolet Wind Wings - Well Sort Of


A couple of weeks back I decided to make up a pair of "wind wings" for my Chev.

I priced the correct chrome mounting brackets which were not to bad in cost I thought but the idea of having new shiny chrome brackets hanging off old Monty just didn't sit well with me and I wanted something also that I could remove quickly if needed.

I'm more your practical Chev fancier and not your showy type as you have probably gathered by now so I grabbed out some metal strap, sprayed them flat black, had our local glass man cut out the 5mm clear perspex (500mm x 150mm) and I found some domed head bolts.

After a bit a measuring and bending of the brackets to line up with the 2 x windscreen bolts I came up with these.

Then after a test drive up the Hwy I came back happy with the result and set about rounding off the corners with the flapper disk on the angle grinder to what I was happy with.

Now I know they are not the correct size, or may look a little odd in appearance to the purists but I just wanted something that worked and worked very well on a trip and these do just that, I am very impressed with lowering of the wind noise and no more wind in the ears, the baseball cap now stays on the head and the wind burn on the face is also less.

Anyway each to their own and thanks once again for taking an interest..


  1. Hey Grant,

    Well done on the 25K milestone. I have no doubt that Monty's exploits have helped and encouraged a few would be and will be one day restorers to have a go.




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