Friday, June 7, 2013

Green Coolant Now Added


With the chev radiator now running as a very low pressurised system thanks to the small brass overflow tank installation and also the new "modern" internals of the water pump working like a Swiss clock, today I added the all important lime green coolant into the system to help with the longevity on this 85 years old car and its original little 4 cylinder engine.
No more hot water pouring out and down the radiator overflow pipe and onto the ground now when I pull up in the street and no more topping up of water all the time when that happened, little improvements like this makes life easier for a vintage car that is driven some distance and often..

PLEASE NOTE - The motometer that you see on the radiator cap I brought and can be purchased still from "The Filling Station" in the USA, they are an excellent reproduction part and work great and its also very good to see while driving just how quickly the engine temps change on a hill or coasting down the other side, into a head wind or with the wind on your back, its quite surprising the temp variations in a short period of time so get yourself one.
BTW they now have redesigned and sell motormeters to suit right hand drive cars, as before with the standard one you could not read or see the red temp line easily while sitting on the right hand side of the car without leaning right across the seat to view the glass face as they were suited more for left hand drive cars, this I am glad to say was pointed out to The Filling Station who quickly had a right hand drive model made, so when you place an order please state that you need a right hand drive motometer - Cheers

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