Sunday, August 19, 2012

Resto: We Have Lights


Yep, another Sunday morning rolls by and it was about time for a easy few hours working bee in the resto shed on Monty with our goal today being to get the headlights and small cowl lights (parking lights) wired up and working.....

Months ago we had already installed the new chev wiring loom throughout the car so today it was a matter of connecting and running the crimped steel covered headlight wires from each headlight shell, down under each front guards, the chassis and soldering the ends onto the new wiring loom but before this we had to first dismantle the old front headlight buckets/shells, clean up the connectors by removing the very old solder and remaining original wiring that were left hanging off the ends, yes luck was once again on my side with all the original hardware still inside each shell after 83 years and in usable condition..... BONUS

A little rust in the bottom of the shells but nothing to serious to worry about..

Old wiring ends now removed

With the wires all connected and the test gauge showing power to the each headlight, in went the new globes....I hit the switch at the dash and nothing, WTF... turns out I had got the wrong globes.... Live and Learn, anyway there is power to them now so its just a matter of finding the right one to suit.

Next it was onto the 2 x small cowl lights that sit up near the windscreen, to easy and very straight forward and we could still even use the original old globes, the connectors were given a clean, new soldier applied to the wires and on went the switch.. BINGO..... We have lights.

Bright lights!, well working lights anyway....

With lights working now I can this week install the white glass lens covers to the cowl lights, and then tidy up some of the wiring harness which runs down inside the engine bay, I have to keep and make it look neat and clean for the roadworthy guy which will happen in the next few months.

Any excuse for a test run come 2pm so it was on with the warm coats and head wear, out the driveway, straight down to the local servo for some more petrol and then out onto the Hwy we went....... FUN.

We have found that Monty is more comfortable sitting on a speed of 45 - 47mph along the Hwy as 50mph seems just a little to hard, you wouldn't think that an extra few miles per hour makes much difference, but it does in these old vintage cars, things start to vibrate and the motor seems way more stressed, 45 has a real sweet spot.....DONE :)

Thanks Ray, another great productive few hours and as always its a fun day working on these old cars.


Today I installed the two white glass lens onto the cowl lights, not a bright light but they look cool.

Also on Saturday morning I called be a mates house to quiz him on gasket material and when we went out into his garage he gave me this old "SHELL" fuel can.... Love it and it will match my other one that I have installed onto the drivers side running board..


  1. hi there Grant,
    just love that old fuel can, a really precious find.
    I remember fettling all my lights and its a real achievement to get everything working,....well done mate.
    your pictures tell it all and vcca is missing out big time.
    My car is going through it sorting out period, clutch and other problems, but I always say, in 6 months it will all be sorted....I hope.
    keep the post coming, many good people are watching you and Monty....

  2. Gidday Bluey

    Many thanks for your comments mate and it's great to hear that you are getting through and sorting out your Chev, remember small steps!, small steps always :)

    You mentioned the VCCA Who? What? and thanks for the plug, I had that link sent through to me by a friend and yes its good to still see my blog counter ticking over... Its been a fun ride

    All the best and Cheers

  3. hi Grant, nice to hear that you and Monty are enjoying life.
    have you found that your car only has modest acceleration? I an used to modern car snappy stuff, my old chevvy seems to be straining at the leash, very modest acceleration to say the least. Is this normal, how does yours go?

  4. Well with only 21 horsepower tucked in under the hood, the old engine does quite well and can quickly get up to it's cruising speed of 45mph.... No problems here but then again you can never be in a hurry in one of these.