Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What a lovely offer!!

Confusion over the year of the headlight shells arose in the workshop a couple of weeks ago with a local fella, he saying they weren't 1928 model lights & me left standing there scratching my head saying "I think they are but I'm not to sure just the same"...So when he left I jumped on the internet and posted some pictures of old Monty's headlights and the blog on a vintage Chevy's owners site which I have been using for info and also have gotten to know a few of the very dedicated 1928 Chevy owners on there who are a great bunch of blokes...
The next morning I check the website and sure enough there were replies left with remarks like "Yes I can assure you they are 1928 headlights" with some pictures to confirm it.......BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!!.
I next open my emails and there a lovely note from Ron in the USA who walked out into his barn to check what he had hanging on the wall near his collection of lovely restored vintage cars and he just happened to have a spare rusty/patina aluminum ring & glass to suit the headlight shells, which I happen to be missing both of so in the post it went free of charge and it arrived here in Oz a few days later so once again Ron I thank you every much for that effort.

Here it is on installed on Monty
If anyone else happens to stumble across another one in their travels you know who to call....Thanks