Monday, July 28, 2014

Monty The Chev - Resto Vid


I should of done this a few years back, Cheers.

"We'll get it running, but we're not painting it all fancy" - Wayne Fowler

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Bit Of A Once Over - 1928 Chevrolet


Finally got a break with the winter weather last Sunday so I rolled the Chevy out of the shed for a bit of TLC, a quick wipe over with some WD40 and then a run up the road and back, all went well and it just purred along like every other time at 47mph, so very sweetly.
Apart from that I have done not much else to it at all these past few months, only flush out the radiator and refill with coolant, I start it up on a weekly basis and get the temp up nice and hot and while that it happening and am constantly listening for rattles and squeaks, checking nuts and bolts and watching for any new leaks that might have occurred, all rather boring but it must be done and you have to keep on top of the little things before they get out of hand and become a costly repair.

Cheers Grant