Wednesday, May 11, 2016

About to roll over 100,000 blog hits - Thank You


Yes, the old car blog is soon to roll past 100,000 hits.

Many thanks to all that have looked in and followed the progress over the years, the emails from around the world that land on my desk from time to time and the "locals" who have personally called for a chat from around Australia.
Good friends have been made out of this experience as it is nice to help someone out or point them in the right direction and not much more needs to be said really. 

I've posted these two videos before  :) 

Thank you once again and cheers

Grant Fowler

dad xxoo

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Daughters Debutante Ball - 1928 Chevrolet


Saturday afternoon and you could not of asked for a better sunny autumns day here in Oz, and just as well because old Monty and Ray Deans "The Red Chev" were on call for a few photos in leafy Bowen Street, Warragul for my daughters Deb Ball with her friends from school.

When the camera's stopped clicking Ray then chauffeured the two of them out to the event at Lardner Park. Sadly ole Monty had to pass on the chauffeur duties due to the lack of roof, messy windblown hair is not an ideal look for a gathering like this.
Once they reached their destination Ray then made the 100km trip back down the Hwy to Melbourne and from all reports The Red Chev never missed a beat and the kids were very grateful for the lift. 
Great effort once again Ray and many thanks for the use of your immaculate 28.  

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gerry's 1928 Chevrolet Utility


Today on the way back from Walhalla I called into my mates place to catch up with Gerry and to see his old yet newly acquired ute and to go with him out on a few country roads to give it a good run.
Its always a confidence issue when you buy your first old unrestored car, you are not to sure of its capabilities, just what the previous owner has done to the car before you and I basically you don't want the bloody thing to break down and leave to stranded a few miles from home.

The ute went well on its first time 30 km loop from home and traveled along well at 45 mph, Gerry was impressed with his old chev when we pulled up back in his driveway. Next time no doubt it will be a little further, this feeling I know all to well as it took me a while to venture any great distance from my home on my own. 

Walhalla - Gippsland's Historic Gold Mining Town - 1928 Chevrolet


We woke early to Anzac day, the 26th April, threw on the coats and gloves then walked up to the RSL for the local Anzac Day Dawn Service.

After breakfast I rolled the Chevy back out of the shed again after Saturdays run out to Noojee, I stood in the driveway looking at the clear blue skies and decide that it was to nicer day to turn spanners on one of the bikes so I coated up, grabbed the phone and camera then headed off towards the hills, destination today was Walhalla, Gippsland's Historic Gold Mining Town out towards Mount Baw Baw

Its 93 miles return trip of up and down, twisty and sometimes tight roads and today being a public holiday I was surprised at the amount of 4x4's coming and going in all directions and the occasional one or two that got caught behind me seemed patient once they could round me up and overtake.

Anyway I made it there in one piece, had a look around the old streets and buildings then grabbed a nice coffee and sat the sun shine looking at the surrounding hills and landscape, its is a very pretty place in Autumn.

Home safely once again and no mechanical issues to report.

Cheers Grant

Saturday, April 23, 2016

1928 Chevy Beach Racer from Dream Car Garage 2008 TV series

Ray, this is next for us after your 1928 ute rebuild. we need a speedster to stare at over coffee mate

Out Baw Baw Way In the 28 Chevy


Today I rang a mate, Gerry lives about 12 kms away, he has a 1928 Chevy ute and I felt like a coffee and chat on this slightly overcast Saturday morning so a destination and time at one of the local cafes was decided.. Well the coffee done the trick and we solved the worlds problems as always under an hour.
To good of a day to just roll ole Monty back down the driveway, it was decided so I pulled up at our front gate, had a quick bite of lunch, grabbed my good camera and a warm beanie for the head and I headed back down the street towards Mount Baw Baw which you can generally see from Trafalgar on a sunny day, just not today.

Willow Grove is about 19kms north of Trafalgar, then I veered left once in the town and took the Hill End road, quiet good with nice views on your right of the Blue Rock Dam for a few kms then the road becomes tight and twisty in places. We went straight past the farm gate where in the late 1960s dad found ole Monty siting under a tree in the paddock, a few words were quietly spoken today and as I rounded the bend and ran up along side the row of trees beside this paddock, I'm a sentimental aging prick.
A little further along and the bitumen is occasional rough and bumpy due to amount of logging trucks that use it through the week, but hey, we are riding in a 1928 Chevy and not breaking any speed records with ground clearance a plenty.

I was soon at the turn off to Noojee, Now a right turn would take me up to the top of Mount Baw Baw to Victoria's only Ski Resort, its a drive I have wanted to do in the Chevy but not today as time and the weather is unfortunately against me this time.

A left turn was made for the 10 km leisurely run into Noojee, the road was very steep here with 2nd gear selected and 20mph showing on the speedo, we climbed awhile and then in was downhill, along the flatter twisty section and soon we were sailing past the pub and out the other side for the sign posted turnoff left and up the dirt track to the Trestle Bridge visitors parking area. Always a busy spot over the weekends and each time it looks just as impressive as the last..

A quick pic or two was taken then for the Neerim South I headed, actually it was the Neerim South Pub smack bang in the middle of town to say gidday to my cousin who owns the place and pours the beers. Nope he's not there today, so my cold beer was downed fast and tasted very nice to help wash the bugs down then a quick visit to the rest room .
I'm back in the seat and turning left onto Bloomfields Road then over Old Sale Road to take me down onto the Princes Hwy and the 25 minute run home back to Trafalgar.

Approx 72miles (115kms) in 2 hours

Ole Monty did not miss a beat, today made me smile!!..

Grant Fowler

Oh, one last thing, Monty rolled past 14,000 miles today..

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Out to Rokeby In The Chev


Misty rain mixed with a strong east wind today but still surprisingly warmish so I flipped open the bonnet, checked the oil and then rolled the Chevy out the driveway and headed off down the Princes Hwy towards Warragul and then out across to Rokeby to catch up with a friend, have a coffee and chat and also to have a look at a few of his early 19th century vintage cars and motorbikes which are all just lovely, rare and all very much road going and drive able.

I lost my hat on the way out there due to the wind from a passing log truck, so I had to stop on the way back and grab it, and while I'm there on the side of the road grab another photo of the Chevy which is always a must do to and add to the collection, you can never have to many :)

Old Monty ran very well again, the little 4 cylinder is not a big fan of the strong head wind but always just keeps plodding along and gets me home at a steady 45mph, although this time it was a little damp on anything that sticks up above the top on the windscreen..

Out along Bloomfield Road, just north of Nilma.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

1928 Chevrolet Ute


My good friend of 25 years Gerry rings me the other day, "I brought an old 28 Chev ute and its coming down on the weekend etc"... Well it arrived on the trailer from northern Victoria and yes it is all complete and very original, the engine starts and runs smoothly with most things in the right place including the rear old wooden tray, I love it and can just see it getting around town after a good tidy up of the running gear etc, then a few cans of WD40 thrown over the top of it and a quick rub down with a scouring pad so the patina can shine through..


Sunday, November 22, 2015

More Spares Than We Can Use


Don't quite know what we are going to do with all these 1928 Chevrolet spare parts that we picked up off a bloke rather cheap who was moving interstate, but over the coming years no-doubt they will come in very handy between Ray and myself as things are only getting harder to find when you need them quickly or even just for a general repair...Cheers

More pix and info below on this link

My 1928 Chevrolet: Day 43 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (19th September 2...

Mick's 1927 Chevrolet


On the weekend a friend from up East Gippsland way in Bairnsdale, Mick brought this fathers 1927 Chevrolet down for a little tune up, click on the link below from Ray Deans "The Red Chev'' blog and read a more detailed write up of what was done to this lovely little 1927.... Cheers

My 1928 Chevrolet: Something different - Working on a 1927 Chev