Monday, April 25, 2016

Gerry's 1928 Chevrolet Utility


Today on the way back from Walhalla I called into my mates place to catch up with Gerry and to see his old yet newly acquired ute and to go with him out on a few country roads to give it a good run.
Its always a confidence issue when you buy your first old unrestored car, you are not to sure of its capabilities, just what the previous owner has done to the car before you and I basically you don't want the bloody thing to break down and leave to stranded a few miles from home.

The ute went well on its first time 30 km loop from home and traveled along well at 45 mph, Gerry was impressed with his old chev when we pulled up back in his driveway. Next time no doubt it will be a little further, this feeling I know all to well as it took me a while to venture any great distance from my home on my own. 

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