Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monty Is Now Booking Gigs....


I got back to the workshop this afternoon and read this email which had arrived..

"Hello Grant
 I am trying to arrange something special for my father’s 90th Birthday at the end of the year and my brother suggested sending him on a joy ride in the first car owned by his father and the model he learnt to drive in. This happens to be a 1928 Chevrolet Tourer. I contacted a few car clubs to no avail and ended up finding montythechev on the Shannon’s garage and then managed to track your contact details.  He would enjoy this kind of present no end and as your vehicle seems to be original, even better.

We are in Melbourne’s outer South east so not far at all from the Warragul/Trafalgar area.  Let me know if you are interested and then give me a call to discuss details etc."

No problems, so I rang back, spoke to the son and now its all arranged for between Christmas and the New Year, they are located in Mulgrave so that's a good drive just down the freeway. 

I don't mind doing this at all for someone turning 90 years of age, hope I get there to one day..


Monday, September 23, 2013

Chicago 1928 Chevrolet


Again another email landed on my desk this morning from a chevrolet owner but this time over in Chicago USA who has just got himself a lovely 28 Chev, this one is a coach (hardtop) and it certainly is a good one going by the look of it in the photo.
It's great hearing from others who are about to take that all familiar trip, what was once a boyhood dream or now a mid life crisis or maybe its just one of  life's personal goals soon to be a reality, which is to make that step over the invisible line of no going back, the big unknown, that money sucking pit we call a "car restoration" and as those first steps are taken and that old car is pushed undercover to where the car enthusiast will spend the next few years, locked away on weekends in their mancave which is generally situated down the back corner at the end of the concrete driveway of any suburban house block, quietly behind the wooden swinging 1950's style garage doors with the radio crackling away helping to keep the excitement and enthusiasm levels constantly overflowing, you'll find someone who will soon be ripping their hair out with frustration plus frequently knock'in the skin off their knuckles from those hard to get at rusted bolts, it is here that they will be driven and motivated bit by bit to see the project finished, driven by a passion which will slowly take over and consume your normal daily routine and it is this that most people just cannot understand, the old familiar few words of "its just an old car" they say, and yes it is just that, it is an old car, but the personal journey and achievement of getting there and the end result of pushing open those garage doors and driving it out onto the street is worth every minute of it..... 

Bernd wrote these words below and I have to say, I like this style!

"Greetings from across the big pond.

I just ran across you wonderful blog on the 'restoration' of Monty. What a wonderful journey that must have been for you not to mention all the blood sweat and tears involved. The best blog I have ever seen!!!
I live in Chicago, that would be the USA, and have just started the restoration of my newly acquired 28 Chevy Coach, another survivor that is pretty well all there. Same thing, lots of mud and grease has accumulated over the last 85 years and like yours, it started right up when the carb was fixed. Hope my journey will be as interesting and fruitful as yours. You have also shown me that taking pictures is very important to log that trip. 'Her' name is Roxy the flapper from the 20's"

Thank you

Bernd Krebs

Best of luck with it Bernd

Cheers Grant

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Promotional Film 1920s Dodge Brothers - Wild Ride


I had this video send to me, great old b&w footage and its goes to shows just what these old 2 wheel drive cars were and are capable of... Have a look and enjoy!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Perth To Sydney In A 1909 Sizaire


Here a good link below to a website about driving across Australia in 2012 from Perth to Sydney in a 1909 Sizaire by a local Gippslander.

Below is vintage car website by another local Gippslander, is well worth a read which includes some interesting rare cars and a few old motorcycles thrown into the mix also.

"CARCRANK - A Day In The Life Of An Old Car Tragic"  -

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Old "ESSO" Timber Building


Just a couple of pix parked in front of an old weathered timber building in Gippsland, but I love the old hand painted and very faded "ESSO" signage on the wall - Cheers