Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monty Is Now Booking Gigs....


I got back to the workshop this afternoon and read this email which had arrived..

"Hello Grant
 I am trying to arrange something special for my father’s 90th Birthday at the end of the year and my brother suggested sending him on a joy ride in the first car owned by his father and the model he learnt to drive in. This happens to be a 1928 Chevrolet Tourer. I contacted a few car clubs to no avail and ended up finding montythechev on the Shannon’s garage and then managed to track your contact details.  He would enjoy this kind of present no end and as your vehicle seems to be original, even better.

We are in Melbourne’s outer South east so not far at all from the Warragul/Trafalgar area.  Let me know if you are interested and then give me a call to discuss details etc."

No problems, so I rang back, spoke to the son and now its all arranged for between Christmas and the New Year, they are located in Mulgrave so that's a good drive just down the freeway. 

I don't mind doing this at all for someone turning 90 years of age, hope I get there to one day..


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  1. Excellent Grant, but it should read

    "Monty is now booking gigs, as long as its not raining that is"