Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wedding Bells Were In The Air.


Wedding bell were in the air over the weekend folks as my cousins daughter got married and she had asked me a while back if old Monty could be used and drive her there on the big day, "certainly and no problems at all" was my response..

Saturday morning rolled around and after a few hours of polishing, cleaning and vacuuming this and that, which I must confess it had not received in a while (its a driver not a show piece) I stood back and was happy with how the old banger had scrubbed up.

Fuel, oil, water and tyre pressures were next checked.. all good to go! then at 3.00pm on a lovely sunny Gippsland afternoon I was heading out of Trafalgar and motoring down the Princes Hwy at 47 mph making a bee line for Warragul.

The Chevy never missed a beat, we got them there, got in the odd photo and then I drove it back home to be parked up in the shed then my wife and I returned back for the celebrations and a great evening with family and friends.