Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Thorpdale Hills


Well the dull wet winter weather cleared for a little the other Saturday morning so I pushed the old Chevy outside the shed, fired him up and took it for a run up the back of Trafalgar South and over the hills towards Thorpdale, always great views looking straight down the valley and you can see Trafalgar in the middle of the photos .... Cheers

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Early Photo of Monty The Chev


Mum handed me a few old family photos the other day that she had found to my surprise there were two coloured pix of the old Chevy that I had not seen before.
Taken in the late 1960's outside the workshop of Fowler & Sons in Kitchener Street Trafalgar, they are of dad driving with my older brother Stuart in the passenger seat and there is a small child running behind the car in one of the photos well that would be me..
These photos do show the Chevy without any "red lead" primer painted along this left hand side of the bodywork and also the screen is off it to, so I would say that dad must of started to do some "preservation" work on it soon after these were taken and as a child all I remember is the Chevy sitting in this shed for many years gathering dust under a pile of canvas truck tarpaulins..