Sunday, November 22, 2015

More Spares Than We Can Use


Don't quite know what we are going to do with all these 1928 Chevrolet spare parts that we picked up off a bloke rather cheap who was moving interstate, but over the coming years no-doubt they will come in very handy between Ray and myself as things are only getting harder to find when you need them quickly or even just for a general repair...Cheers

More pix and info below on this link

My 1928 Chevrolet: Day 43 - 28 Chev Ute Restoration (19th September 2...

Mick's 1927 Chevrolet


On the weekend a friend from up East Gippsland way in Bairnsdale, Mick brought this fathers 1927 Chevrolet down for a little tune up, click on the link below from Ray Deans "The Red Chev'' blog and read a more detailed write up of what was done to this lovely little 1927.... Cheers

My 1928 Chevrolet: Something different - Working on a 1927 Chev