Monday, April 25, 2016

Walhalla - Gippsland's Historic Gold Mining Town - 1928 Chevrolet


We woke early to Anzac day, the 26th April, threw on the coats and gloves then walked up to the RSL for the local Anzac Day Dawn Service.

After breakfast I rolled the Chevy back out of the shed again after Saturdays run out to Noojee, I stood in the driveway looking at the clear blue skies and decide that it was to nicer day to turn spanners on one of the bikes so I coated up, grabbed the phone and camera then headed off towards the hills, destination today was Walhalla, Gippsland's Historic Gold Mining Town out towards Mount Baw Baw

Its 93 miles return trip of up and down, twisty and sometimes tight roads and today being a public holiday I was surprised at the amount of 4x4's coming and going in all directions and the occasional one or two that got caught behind me seemed patient once they could round me up and overtake.

Anyway I made it there in one piece, had a look around the old streets and buildings then grabbed a nice coffee and sat the sun shine looking at the surrounding hills and landscape, its is a very pretty place in Autumn.

Home safely once again and no mechanical issues to report.

Cheers Grant

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