Saturday, April 2, 2011

You just have to hit the sweet spot!!

Old Monty has been starting really well lately in the workshop, but today on this very early sunday morning I went over to get him out for a drive around the back blocks 6 or 7 times and just as I had climbed into the cab and sat down on the old metal string riddled seat a local walked thru the door which took me by surprise being so early and all, I then got a little nervous and totally forget my starting procedure as he stood there looking as I went to hit the starter "ya not taking it out for a drive are ya, blood old thing, ya mad buggar"..

I thumbled with this and that as I pushed down the starter button and do you think I could get it to bloody start, NO WAY!!over & over & over it wound as the strong smell of petrol wafted over us, the bloke said a few things and walked out mumbling something under his breath then just as he reached his own car door old Monty roared into life and sat there purring away........I have to work on the sweet spot a little more when starting him and not rush it, just take my time........

We both went out driving around the back blocks of our quiet country town at 6.30am before the locals stirred from their sleep, well I probably woke a few as the old exhaust pipe is getting a little loud again but I have plans for a new one very soon,  I think we covered only about 6 kms on this crisp early morning but it went very well and didn't miss a beat except just for the stubborn starting, but that was my fault....


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