Saturday, June 18, 2011

Resto: Bloody hell there's nothing left!

It's Sunday morning just nudging 7.45am and my mate Ray from Melbourne strolls down the driveway and into the shed "Morning all, how are we" after a bit of chat we are quick to throw on our overalls, reach for the box of spanners and start on the days project of removing the timber framed body from Monty....
Starting at the front of the car we had the bonnet off quickly and then all of the connections and wires to the various levers and switches under the dash and in the engine bay were undone and after about 2 hours of head down and bum up the old front cowling was lifted off the body

By now we are setting a great pace according to Ray who BTW is an old hand at this and so now it was onto the removal of the body and if you are wondering why we didn't lift the cowling off with the body in one complete section it is very simple, the timber rail on the drivers side had rotted right through, so the separate removal was the way to go to save as much as we could in one peice to then use for a template when making the new timbers in the near future.
It had just pushed 11am when the body was lifted off and placed on the purpose built wheelable table and there under the carport monty sat all bare and very naked looking ready for us to go to work on him with some wire brush attachments on the end of our angle grinders, so in just under 3 hours he had it removed and were both ready for a coffee to wash down some of the dust.

Feeling a little refreshed and ready to jump into the project some more we removed the petrol tank at the rear and then got stuck into the cleaning of the steel chassis and all the areas we could get to with the wire brush and bloody hell the attachments in the grinders make the going easy.
After a lovely bbq steak lunch and also another hour of dusty chassis cleaning we then decided to tow the chev around to dads factory where the big hot water pressure cleaner is located, so with me sitting on a timber plank across the chassis in the drivers position Ray towed me the 1km trip up the road.
The hot wash was great and removed all the layers of grease and 80 yrs of grime from all parts of the chassis, cleaned it up a treat.
So now we are back home and the stripped chev is parked up in the shed for the next part of this project to begin.....The chassis retoration.

Once again Ray thanks heaps for your help today and also the guidance with this whole project as it is starting to take off in a big way and there is no turning back now at all.

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