Saturday, June 4, 2011

Resto: Guards were removed & "We won't make it all fancy"

Today being a Saturday I got home around 11am from the workshop after finishing off a sign which will be errected tomorrow, yes I know on a Sunday but someone has has to do it anyway after we had lunch I got out to the resto shed around 1pm, pushed Monty out into the sunshine, threw him up on some stands to make it a bit easier to work under and laid the tools out as the rear guards, running boards, headlights, headlight bracket and front guards were coming off today.
Once again I have to do this so that I can get to the 2 x timber rails that sit on top of the steel chassis rails as they are both rotted through so there is no easy "quick fix" way around it and to make a good job of the resto it has to be done but the thought of pulling the car to bits has sort of played on my mind for sometime as I very much want it to remain visually the same when it is restored, like dad said, "We won't make it all fancy"!!

I was to soon realize that the old rusted nuts and bolts were going to be a fair pain in the ass, the main ones that hold the rear guards on to the body came undone really easy without to much effort at all but all the smaller ones along the running boards and front guards I had know hope of moving so I just very carefully grinded off their heads with a small angle grinder and also a die grinder for the fiddly ones in funny hard to get to locations under the running boards and then tapped out the remaining bolt pieces with a hole punch and hammer, to easy and great progress was made along the left side first, then boots off and I flew inside for a hot cuppa, then with boots back on I repeated the process along the right side which was a lot quicker to dismantle as I knew this time what I was doing, well sort of anyway.

I had the both side done, parts labelled and stored, tools all packed away, the carport swept up clean and old Monty pushed back in the shed in 4 hours.... I had a great afternoon and achieved what I set out to do, oh I forgot and also my new "resto overalls" worked a treat, happy wife, happy life and less washing means a happy wife :)

In the next couple of weeks the timber framed body will be lifted off in one piece as best I can and placed on a large trolley in the shed beside the car, from then on well it will be, hell I don't know really, we'll wait and see I guess.

Thanks for looking in from time to time

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  1. Great work, little Bro.
    Looks like the resto project is coming along nicely. And I've just worked out that I can leave comments on the blog site!!