Monday, July 18, 2011

Resto: In our signshop ready to paint

With new brake bands fitted all round I had a chance to tow Monty over and into our warm signshop on the other side of town so that I can throw some paint on it this weekend hopefully so it was on with the warm head wear and thick coat, placed the thick short plank across the chassis for me to place my bum on so I could reach the pedals and the steering wheel then I was off like a rocket out past the letter box, down the street and around the corner towards the main traffic lights and the busy Princes Hwy.
Trev, driving the tow vehicle was a little keen you could say, we were cruising along at a lovely pace and got the dream run towards the traffic lights as they flashed green so straight  through we sailed and once again up over the bumpy railway crossing, around the bend and with another 800m to go we headed directly to the signshop and I can say that the brakes work so much better now, well there wasn't much left of the old brake bands really and we haven't even adjusted them up or bed them in yet but I jumped on the brake pedal whilst in tow a good few times to see what would happen and it pulled back on the tow vehicle nicely, which is a good sign....

More pix to come soon when the chassis is painted black and if you are interested here is a quick video, thanks.

I have posted this video before at the beginning of the blog but it is a good comparison as to what I started with, funny that just a few good months ago Monty sat in the shed like this....Oh and I'm so sorry about my video voice, it's just such a shocker & embarrassment,  Cheers :)

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