Saturday, July 23, 2011

Resto: I cleaned up the fuel tank, Nice!!

After finishing the normal Saturday morning and then afternoon drive around with the kids sports activites I finally got out into the resto shed at 5.00pm and got straight into cleaning up the 2 x fuel tank straps that hold the tank in place when it hangs up under the rear of the car and then the fuel tank itself with the wire brush wheel attachment on the small 100mm angle grinder and after about 30minutes work this was the end result, I sure was pretty bloody happy as this started to take shape and what a shame as I am going to have to etch prime it all and paint it chassis black to match the rest of the chassis.

Someone gave it a good patch up many years ago by the look of this here and yes it looks a little messy but the tank does not leak and the inside of the tank is rust free and spotless with the fuel gauge still operating and everything intact, so all is good..

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