Sunday, July 17, 2011

Resto: A very productive Sunday!

Well I knew we were going to have a big day in the shed today and I was right about that.
Like clock work and bang on 7.30am Ray pulls up and comes walking down the driveway carring a box of tricks so it was down on the kitchen bench with my cup of coffee, out to the resto shed, on with the lighs and our overalls and we were back into it again for another full day on the tools which I had been looking forward to for a couple of weeks now.
What Ray knows about these ole 28's is amazing and I know I am an extremely lucky man to be restoring Monty while having him show and guide me through it step by step, ya just such a great help mate and I cannot thank you enough for your time, effort and years of chevy knowledge that you are sharing with me, it is sinking in slowly.... cheers Ray

It wasn't long before we had the two axles out, both housings and diff all cleaned of the thick brown sticky oil, ole bearings removed, the new ones pressed back on the axels, gaskets & felt pads installed throughout, everything bolted back together again.

After a bbq lunch the new rear brake linings went back on each rear wheel and also after a bit more tweaking of this and that the rear wheels were also installed and bolted up nice and tight.

Here's Ray admiring the new brake linings, what a lovely work of art these are thanks to Kevin of Dapto.

 Next we were heads downs once again and making good progress with the front brake bands installed and also the front wheel bearings removed for a bloody good cleaning and repacked with new grease and it wasn't long before we had the front end all back together and looking like a rolling car chassis once more.

9 hours was spent in the shed today and it flew by very quickly, we worked constantly as there is just so much to do, clean and polish but we completed what we set out to do and as usually I have another list of jobs to complete before the next full day takes place in a few weeks time...

I will tow Monty back over to my signshop this week and park it up where I can wipe it all down, mask up and wrap what needs to be covered and get it all ready to paint the chassis on the weekend as I can heat the shed up nicely with the woodfire and also my big gas heaters, this will make for a better job on these cold days....

Thanks for stopping by for a look from time to time :)

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