Friday, November 18, 2011

Resto: Main timber rail work

Today I laid out the timber rails then marked the 6 x holes to line up with the old existing mounting holes in the chassis of the chev, although this seemed fairly straight forward I was not 100% sure on where the edge of the timber should sit, at first I thought the inside edge of the timber rail should run along the inside edge of the chassis but after sitting the cowl in position when clamped down I was way out at the front by about 15mm each side hhmmmmm, this didn't look right, and wouldn't work either..
I rang Ray who quickly ran the tape measure over his car here and there and yes we both agreed that his car could be out also, thses cars are all a little different and "ya going to have to fly by the seat of your pants with this a little"....was the conclusion we both came to.
So I continued to measure a few things, stand back in the corner of the shed, scratch my head and have a good look, with nothing to lose I sat the cowl back on top for the umpteenth time and buggar me it all lined up right this time, I removed it all again and then marked the holes, drilled them out and dropped the bolts through, that part was done and out of the way for now........

Next I had to mark and notch out the 2 x timber sections where the cowl timber uprights that holds the front door on extend down through the main rails on each side and yes being a non timber person who has not done any work like this before it can be a little daunting when standing there with the saw in the hand hoping that I have marked it in the right spot because if I haven't and stuff it up and am toast.
It all worked well and everything after I notched it out  sat and locked in place nice and firm and looking at these photos it is all just sitting there and needs to the screwed and bolted down tightly, but I have some painting and other work to do first.  A rewarding few hours work for me and another step closer..... Cheers


  1. ray mungo i own a 27 capitol and is now up to same stage was just wondering what timber was used in the cowl uprights?

  2. Gidday Ray, I just sourced local ash hardwood, nothing fancy, just what I good get my hands on easily at the timber yard up the road..