Saturday, December 3, 2011

Resto: Cowl fitted

Sunday rolled around again and with a work day planned on Monty, Ray rocks up from Melbourne in his old "Red Chev" around 10am to give me a hand with the installation of the cowl and it's internal timbers and also the 2 x main timber rails which looked like a quick job with it is all laid out in the shed but once again the hours can add up with many small things taking time to complete correctly, but we got there and Ray was soon driving back down the street towards the big smoke by 3pm, great help once again mate, thanks..

The cowl is now sitting nice, plum and square on the rails with the rails also now bolted down, we measured and measured and then measured some more to get it right, it was lifted off and on a good few times and then with one last adjustment and a little tweaking here and there the two internal timber uprights that support the cowl and also support the front doors were screwed securely into place and then the cowl lifted back on for the final time and then the steering column bolted into place which lined up spot on.
I can now start to install the metal hinges and hardware and hang the front doors, then check in and screw the centre posts to the main rails and then hang the rear doors off the centre posts over the next few weeks, basically then the whole body can be lifted off and on the chassis easily in one piece by undoing the 6 x bolts that hold the 2 x main timber rails to the chassis.... A good day once again

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