Friday, December 2, 2011

Resto: Some paint went on Monty

"We won't paint it fancy".... These were dads words, spoken in a tone that I knew only to well were a done deal and they ring in my ears constantly when I stand back and look at Monty at this stage of the restoration, but I had no choice with one paticular area and well I had to throw a bit of paint on it, but please let me explain why??
There are two long panels that run along the side of the car called "valances", they run from the front wheel arch to the back wheel arch and sit just above the outside running boards with the upper lip sitting and bolting under the main timber rails, well the old ones that we removed from Monty were completely rusty out and not useable, to the shed wall they must hang as decorations so I brought 2 new ones from "Old Era Services" in NSW who makes replacement panels for old Chevrolets.
I have had a hard job in making them look old to suit the patina style look of the rest of the car, so after a few sleepless nights I decided to respray the front and back fenders black which they were orginally from the factory anyway and then rub them back to achieve the desired look that I wanted...

In these photos I have only just sat all the panels, the cowl and bonnet on there loosely, they are not bolted down and yes they are sitting up and down and all over the shop, but it gives you an idea of were I am going with the look and the painted black fenders and valances still need a little more work in my opinion to bring some more of those old colours up through, well the guards anyway,  oh yes and the dents and dings are staying there.

I don't know about you and I know it is not everyone taste but I am loving the look of the old thin "red oxcide" paint on the upper body panels with the rust coming through..."We won't paint it fancy, but we will make it a runner and a bloody good one at that Dad"...... Cheers

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  1. Monty is going to be beautiful when you get him all finished....your dad is looking down from heaven and smiling from ear to ear!