Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Resto: Next Challenge Now Ready To Start

With the mechanics basically completed now that the external oil filter cannister was installed last weekend and please note that there are still some wiring issues to finish off but that can only happen once the lights are installed onto the bodywork, but it is getting there quicker than I originally thought it would.
Anyway this weekend I should complete the front seat timber work which I have been very happy with so far but also dragg'in my heels a little, then as our Aussie summer comes to a close, the trees start to make their transition of colour and the hot days begin to ease up a little I can knuckle down and give the next stage of the restoration a great deal of thought..

I picked up the rear tub section from the local panel shop last week and what a great job Tim done with cutting out the rust which reached from left to right across the lower section of the tub and welding in a new metal strip and matching up the mouldings to the original....... I am very happy with the result.



Also I have to marry in the new undercoat paint with a few ideas and directions buzzing around in my head, but I will wait and see 


  1. What do ya reckon Grant.

    Give it a week or 2 and I will be able to sit in the back for a nice comfortable ride around the block.

    This is one big baby step.

  2. Hello Grant
    I have been following your and Ray's blogs for a while now, with great interest. I to am a long term 28 Chev owner. I bought mine at the age of 17 in 1970, although my Chev has never been on the road. It has spent most of the time on blocks and needs a great deal of work before it is road worthy. Your blogs have recindled my interest. My car is a combination of three cars, body and bits an pieces from two 27 Capitals and frame and running gear and cowl from a 28 National. The bodies, rear of the cowl, are interchangable. There may be some differences but none that are noticable.
    Your blog has a lot of interesting and helpfull information and I am sure it will come in very handy, as I start my journey.
    I don't think I have quite worked out how to add a comment, correctly, on your blog so please excuse me if it is ballsed up.
    Charles Brennan, Dubbo

  3. hi grant my name is ray aswell must be alot of us rays into old cars i currently am restoring a 27 capitol chev tourer have done this 1nce before 12 years ago on a basket case 26 chev which at the time i made it into a buck board ute with traditional metal blacksmithing loved it + i learnt all the tricks but i found the ute abit unusable so ive since sold the old ute and bought the 27 tourer and at this moment im onto the rear tub timbers this part is new to me and your pics have been great to see and so far ive copyed it well ill put sum pics up of it soon and may i say i love what you have done with monty and god bless your farthers spirit iam up at burringbar nsw +keep up to date with your posts.