Sunday, February 19, 2012

Resto: Seat Frame Taking Shape

With a not very productive weekend regarding my ole Chevy resto just having past us due to the fact I went fishing on Friday night / Saturday morning early with a mate and my son I can say that by Sunday afternoon I did happen to find a little time out in the workshop getting ready to make the upper front seat section and also some finishing off touches to the timber seat frame were needed and which are now completed.
Anyway I have made a start on the upper front seat (back rest piece) and this is what I have done so far and please note that the 2 x timber pieces that are holding the black metal back rest together on the inside are only temporary "make do" timbers that I had lying around the shed that I slapped together to create and hold the shape of the metal, these will be replace and cut up to correct specs this week.

Since I moved the seat back a 1" further than from original to give more leg room, I also need to extend the 2 x upper metal sides where it wraps around and screws onto the upper timber centre posts, as you can see that it does not quite meet where it is supposed to....

So basically I am just getting the shape of the seat and measurements together and then I can start to cut and shape the timbers that fit within and around this to support it all... This will be testing I think...

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  1. Dont suppose you know a guy up your way who is also doing up a 28 just like Monty. About 6 months back he was very doubtful about how to tackle the wood work. What a shame he has not got your confidence, going from strength to strength.

    Well done Mate.