Sunday, June 10, 2012

I knew it would happen.... and it did


The weekend just past meant something a little special to me as it marked 12 months to the day that Ray and I dismantled Monty to begin this restoration that you have been following, so it was only fitting that I take Monty out for its first "serious" test drive of approx 7 miles round trip to my uncles (dads brother) and back and yes they were all driven on no traffic country dirt roads and the old Chev went very well and did not miss a beat as we cruised along at 35 - 45 mph.....
Yes I still have quite a few little jobs to finish off and tidy up here and there but it is very drivable and travels along well even on the dirt roads, considering I was just sitting on my rolled up camping swag as there is no "plush" interior installed besides all the bare timbers and seat frame that I made, I could of kept driving it all day with the warm sun on my back....

Anyway I had fun, it was a real confidence booster in terms of Monty's reliability and something that I just had to do, I had no back up for a tow home or my trusty mechanic Mr Ray Dean riding shot gun if the shit hit the fan which I knew it wouldn't at the end of the day..... I just go that feeling about this old car :)

I now have the Hella indicators and wiring ready to go so that will be the next thing to install when we have a Sunday in the resto shed soon, also I have the 6 volt windscreen wiper motor pulled apart so I am working on repairing that or sourcing another "used looking" one, I have my feelers out :)


  1. Nice photos Grant. You have a gift with the camera. Great work with Monty.
    Charlie Brennan