Sunday, August 5, 2012

Resto: New Glass "Carter" Fuel Filter Fitted


Today Ray rolled up in his 1928 Chev from Melbourne around 9.30am and he just missed out on a big serve of bacon and eggs that I had cooked up for breaky, better luck next time Ray!!
We had a couple of hours of work to do in the resto shed "fine tuuning" a couple of fuel issues on Monty and the first thing that we completed was to install a "1930's" "Carter" glass fuel filter onto the fuel line near the firewall, Ray picked up two every good ones from our mate Kevin in NSW so we had to get mine fitted up today then go for a test drive down toYarragon and "Coco's Cafe".
Ray had already installed his throughout the week and ironed out a couple of things while doing that so this install was straight forward, here are a few photos....

But first the bacon and eggs.... yumm

One box of olives, nuts and connectors makes the jobs easy to rig up the filter...

Fuel line disconnected and about to be cut to size to fit the filter .

Fuel filter connected to the Vacuum tank

Fuel filter installed, plumbed up and fuel flowing through it.

I have always loved the look of these old filters and this is another good job done..


Yep thats right, before the fuel filter was installed this morning we whipped out the spark plugs while the engine was cold and we performed a compression test on the engine with Ray's tester that he has used on his Chevy engine over the years.

From the front to the back, Pot one 60psi, Pot two 55psi, Pot three 60psi, Pot four 65psi.

This was great and indicated that the engine has good life left in it as a reading of 70psi is considered very good and a reading of 30psi is considered "rebuild time"...... I was happy

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