Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Video Before New Upholstery....


Just a quick video taken yesterday before I load it onto the trailer and take it down to Melbourne for a new interior fit out tomorrow and hopefully I will not see this timber frame work again for many years..

All loaded up and ready to get it down to Melbourne

When I arrived north of Melbourne, Grant the auto upholster comes out for a meet and greet.

Time to get it back off the trailer and up into Grants workshop.

Is only a little garage as I squeezed it in behind a 1920's English car which Grant was working on at the time (it had material on the outside of the bodywork) but the quality of the work that rolls out of this space is incredible, Grant was quickly pointing out and showing us the materials, colour, grain pattern plus the number and widths of the pleats that he will install.
I have certainly left old Monty in good hands and will return in about 10 days to bring it back home.

Many thanks once again....


  1. Hi Grant,

    You should have said "I will never see this timber frame again"

    Nice coils on the engine mate.

    Safe motoring to the big smoke.



  2. hey there Grant, watch the water situation, puddle on the floor, needs an overflow tank like mine from a mini (solid brass and looks great). Good luck with the retrim, I hope it meets your exspectations. Everything else is Bonza....jsut love it to bits..


  3. Gidday Pete, mate I have one fitted already, brass and from a mini Cooper but it is not connected up yet to the radiator yet, that's the next when back from the upholstery shop. Will post up some more pic next week... Cheers