Sunday, October 7, 2012

My First Car Show In The Chev"


Yep, I experienced my first car show (Unregistered Vehicle Permit) as a paying exhibitor today in old Monty.

"The Last Of The Chrome Bumpers" hot rod and vehicle display was on again out at very scenic "Lardners Parks" which is just south of Warragul, last year I was looking, this year I was displaying, well I parked Monty, switched him off and then got a coffee..... to easy.

I was constantly surprized at the amount of people who took an interest in my Chevy, considering it was lined up in amongst pristine vehicles and hot rods of all makes and models with only about a hand full of "as is" vehicles there out of a few hundred on display..

I met Ray there also who had a good run out from Melbourne in his 1928 Chevrolet with his car club who once again put on a lovely display of old restored cars.
After a few hours I made the return trip home straight down the Princes Hwy, sitting on a very pleasant 45mph assisted by a nice tail wind..

Many thanks..


  1. That's not bad for a first car show. You shouldn't be surprised, Grant. Every Chevrolet model deserves a good compliment, you know. :) Well, the 1928 Chevrolet National Series AB was was originally named as the 1927 Chevrolet Series AA Capitol.

  2. Nothing beats the elegance of classic cars! I love their timeless beauties, plus they just hold up so many interesting stories from the old golden times. It’s nice to see them beautifully restored. :]