Saturday, November 17, 2012

Resto Complete - 135kms Driven Today


Just a quick drive on this overcast Saturday, well at 45 mph the scenery is moving past rather slowly but again the Chevy went well over the 135 kms that I covered, straight down the Princes Hwy to Pakenham and back via Warragul to see my uncle and aunt and also catch up with a mate.
No stumbles or fuel issues were experienced which now seem to have become a thing of the past so the confidence level in Monty's reliability is as good as it will ever be as it is holding speed very well no long hills and the motor just seems to be settling into a nice rhythm the more I drive it....

Fuel Consumption:

While cruising along at 47mph (75kms) over a distance of 71.5 miles (115km) on relatively flat highway roads with the odd long incline here and there I used 19 litres of fuel.

Which calculated out to

16.5 Litres per 100 km
14.24 miles per gallon (U.S)
17.10 miles per gallon (imperial)

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