Thursday, November 8, 2012

Resto Complete - Fine Tuning Our 1928 Chevrolet Engine


With the Chevy now a fully registered road vehicle once again I have been out and about on the roads a little more than usual which has been great as I have been getting to know what this little 4 cylinder engine, all 35 horse power of it can and cannot do on different slopes.
I had noticed the last few times when I would drive up the steep Thorpdale Road that there was a small miss fire developing like it was starving for fuel which was starting to worry me as I did not really want to travel to far from home. Along the flats of the Princes Hwy is was fine as long as I did not push it to hard past 47 mph,  turn around and point it into a strong head wind and it was struggling a little.
So with a little problem solving and test runs by eliminating one thing after the other from Rays advice over the phone we quickly nailed it down to the timing being out a little and the advance and retard switch not quite working a well as it should.
Well you should feel and hear it go now, the difference is fantastic out on the road as it will sit on 50 mph very easily now and 55 mph being no problem although not good to the motor but I can cruise at 47 mph and it seems to like and do that speed well.

Ray came up on Tuesday (public holiday) and we plumbed up the radiator overflow tank (ex mini cooper tank) which we got running and working well, so no more dripping water when I pull up and stop, which the general public always let me know that I have " hey mate, ya sprung a leak"..

I had the radiator out prior to Rays arrival - 

So with a good mornings work done in the resto shed once again, we both headed down the Princes Hwy towards Yarragon for some lunch,  a coffee and another test drive... Now extremely pleased.


  1. Damn car, messed my hair up something shocking

  2. Next time use good quality 3M tape to hold that rug down mate.. Jokin, cheers

  3. LOVE THE STTORY AND CAR! Do you know where I can get a 28 radiator? Chevy coupe