Saturday, December 22, 2012


This Saturdays vintage outing was kindly brought to you by "Dan Murphys" liquor outlet in Traralgon...

I got off to a rather late but bloody hot start at around 4pm for the 50 mile round trip and as I reached the haunted hills approaching Morwell on the way up with the sun scorching down on the back of the neck and the heat from the little engine starting to melt the my trusty pair of quicksilver thongs, I thought WTF am I doing this for, one should be back at home carving up the deep end of the swimming pool on this 30c degree summers day.
With the crazy array of holiday makers passing me in one continuous line, I soon rolled into Traralgon sweating like a pig as if I'd ran the bloody distance myself.... I quickly pulled the Chev into the Dan Murphy carpark and again it was very busy and I swear they made the parking spots extra small in there, 3 bites to get Monty into a spot was a bloody embarrassing effort.
Standing in the "chilled section" of the store for a few minutes to regain my composer and lower the heart rate done the trick to then concentrate on some fine "red" selections.
With bottles tucked under my arms and other places and my half melted thongs feeling like i had chewy gum under both feet, I made my way across the parkcar and carefully laid them on the front seat then jumped in and burnt my ass on the black seat, SHIT!! never wearing shorts again... 
With the "chilled section" again on my mind I soon found myself out amongst the mad crazy traffic heading west for the return trip back to Trafalgar and then straight into the pool to cool off.

50 miles there and back with no water loss at all thanks to my overflow tank

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