Friday, January 18, 2013

Ray Dean and his "Red Chev"


Today Ray rolled up at our signshop around 10.30 am in his "red chev", he had driven out from Melbourne to drop off a few spare parts for me, have a cuppa and a good chat, but most importantly just to get out and away from the city traffic and have a good drive in his "burgundy banger" on some nice country highways as his round trip is nearly 250kms...
Windy? yes, Hot? yes, and from all reports everything went well..
Thanks once again Ray


  1. It’s beautiful! It surely must’ve caused some commotion over the entire stretch of the route. :D I’ve never really gotten a chance to see classic cars of that particular period, in the 20s I guess, riding on the roads like it’s like an ordinary car. Is this a 4-banger or 6?

    1. This is a little 4 cylinder, 3 speed.... 1928 was the last year of the 4 cylinder.
      Thanks for your comments