Friday, August 30, 2013

2 Timber Wheels and Axle Found - Thank You


The other morning I received an email from a bloke in central NSW, again a follower of this blog who wrote that he has a complete front end including 21" timber spoke wheels, rims, tyres (with air) and axle off a early 1920's model T Ford that has already been welded up so it looks like it was used under a small trailer or farm cart of some sort in years gone by.

He went on to say that there was very minimal timber rot on and in the wooden spokes and that with a good clean up and kept in that "rustic" state that it would definitely suit the 6x4 timber trailer that I brought and which I have been searching just the set up for, so I asked the question and the very kind and very much appreciated price of $100 was kindly accepted.
I have arranged for a interstate trucker friend to meet and collect the dismantled wheels and axle next time he is passing through Dubbo in central NSW Australia, which should be in a few weeks time.

Once again I thank you for the kind offer, but more importantly for keeping an eye out for and thinking about me after reading this blog, its a great find and will be put to good use. 

Cheers Grant

And here is the trailer below that they will be placed under, and yes it will certainly suit..

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