Thursday, August 1, 2013

Contact From Brazil - 1928 Chevrolet Owner

The other morning I opened my emails and here was a lovely letter from a fella with a 1928 Chevrolet who lives in Brazil, South America, Daniel was his name and he is restoring his car and was asking about info regarding the timber work on the frame/body, I did my best to help him out but I also told him that the Australian 28 Chev bodies were "Holden" bodies made in South Australia once they arrived here in the country from the USA as rolling chassis's and they differ slightly to the US bodies.
Notice in the photos of Daniels car below that the section around the top of the rear seats is a lot higher than that of Monty if you scroll back up to the top, there are little things that differ like that.

Anyway I have pointed Daniel in the right direction to another fella in the USA, "Art" who owns the "Forgotten Chev", have a look at this link, its good interesting read and I know Art would only be to glad to help him out where he can.

Daniel went on to say that he is having trouble restoring his car due to the fact that his 1928 Chevrolet is the only one in "Brasilia" the capital of Brazil, so parts are hard to come by locally and he has nothing to compare his car to basically.... That makes it difficult.

Good luck with you restoration Daniel and here your car below.

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