Saturday, May 31, 2014

A few Spares - 1928 Chevrolet


The other day myself and Ray Dean located a few cheap 1928 Chevrolet parts, yes your typical "I have no room" shed clean out was taking place and the bloke wanted them out of there and yes we brought them over the internet seen only by the grainy picture below for a very good price and will collect soon which included one complete engine (less carbie) 3 gearboxes and a diff, and although the diff and two of the gearboxes which are 4 speeds and are from a 1928 truck, these will be moved along quickly which will pay for the engine and one good 3 speed gearbox.

Ray plans to quickly get the engine home and up on the stand for firstly a compression test, bolt on a restored "Carter" carbie from his fully catalogued spare parts man-cave inventory, change the oil, spark plugs and check the timing and point, basically he will weave his magic once again and get this thing running in no time hopefully like a swiss watch!

The engine itself has been stored indoors, is sealed up with spark plugs intact so that's a bonus as often when they are located they have just been left to sit and rust away out in the weather and at worse we can strip it for spares as over the last few years they are also becoming a little expensive and more so rare in complete form like this.

Now all we need is a spare chassis which do pop up from time to time on the internet and we have ourselves the makings of a 1928 Speedster similar in appearance to these pictured below - Cheers

My favourite this one, love the rust!!


  1. Hi there I can strongly recommend building a speedster as I have 27 Chev speedster that with some help from friends and dad we built about 14 years ago probably needs rebuilding now as some say its getting a bit rough I say its developing character but we just keep having so much fun with her which is the main thing. I think the Qld Chev club site has some pictures if you want to check it out.
    Cheers Ben Clift
    P.S keep up the good work with Monty.

  2. Gidday Ben, Certainly would be fun to do one day,building a chevy speedster and in my eye the rougher the better so keep working on that patina look with yours - Cheers and thanks for the comments