Sunday, May 18, 2014

Old Gippsland Farmhouse - 1928 Chevrolet


Not to much to write about with the old Monty lately as it is running along so very smooth,  just check the basics like water and oil, fill it up with fuel with a splash of diesel included in the mix to keep the insides a little happier and then just jump in, put a big smile on your face and drive it at a steady 47mph, to easy!! but in saying that it is due for a for oil and filter change, a good going over with the grease gun and then run the spanners over the underside of the chassis to tighten up any loose nut n bolts.

Anyway with this freakish run of warmer than normal autumn weather we are getting here in Gippsland I drove out to his old farmhouse that I have had my eye on for some time to take some pictures and once permission from the land owner was given it was open with the gates and I was soon driving over the paddocks to reach it down in the back corner of the property and it is really only a good stones throw from where dad grew up at Trafalgar East on the family farm back in the 1940's and now all I have to do is wash the cow shit off the tyres but it does add to the character of the car :)

Cheers Grant

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