Sunday, August 28, 2011

Resto: New shackle bushes all around and King-pins

This is becoming a monthly tradition for Ray and myself, but another great Sunday was spent in the resto shed with a 8.30am start and straight away we both had the hammers and spanners swinging and banging like crazy, hope the neighbours didn't mind :) but it had to be done and we had our a days work all planned out right down to the last spare minute.

Firstly we had the front end to partially dismantle again as we were installing a new king-pin kit in each of the front hubs to correct that little bit of wear and movement so it was under the car with the trolley jack and up in the air ole Monty went once again.
By 11 o'clock we had both sides completed, so it was onto the next part which was installing new shackle bushes, nuts and bolts into all of the spring hangers so we started at the front end and made our way towards the rear shackle by shackle, the old wore bushes were cut and then knocked out, parts were polished and cleaned up as we went then the new bushes were pressed into place along with new bolts, nuts and split pins, grease nipples were put back on and then finally the grease gun was put to good use.

Mechanically Monty is just about completed, we have cleaned, fixed and replaced all of the main ticket items to do with the running gear with my next major purchase being a new stainless steel exhaust system which I have already been talking to Steve at Warragul Exhaust Centre about, "to easy" he says "When ya ready, bring it in", Oh and why stainless steel you ask, well Rays chev is living proof about the longevity of it, so thats enough proof for me, do it once and do it right.

Here is a quick video taken today in the shed...

Great day mate and many thanks once again...

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