Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lovely Sunday morning quicky.....Around the block!!

With the timber work coming along as planned and this lovely sunny Sunday morning being an absolute beauty, the open road was calling for us to come out and have a play, now not being overly happy about the earlier comfort level of the other seating arrangments or plank, you can also ask Ray about that to for his opinion?, I have now opted for the more raised, cruisier, gentlemans positions which gives me alot clearly vision to see over the top of the bonnet if it was there, and also there is sturdiness in the seat which is screwed onto the plank and clamped down to the frame this also gives the ride a much higher "safety feel" about it, and when I am finished I can quickly dismount and easily store the whole accessory away in an upright position saving much needed space inside the resto shed for more serious work to completed.

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