Friday, August 19, 2011

Resto: Timber work is underway, but slowly


Well is has taken me a few more days and some nights than expected but I have made some good progress with the timber work and yes I know a little slow, but please understand that I have not done anything with timber like this before in trying to reproduce this 80yrs old frame and the slowest thing when I started was wanting to dismantle the old timber frame apart from the metal body work but still keep it all intact so that I can copy and measure off it.
The first section I spent a few hours picking off the many old rusted tiny nails that hold the metal body work onto the timber, without any damage it was hard just to get the nail heads out a little but I succeeded and there had to be an easier way???
The second time I used a small old fine chisel and hammer and just knocked the nail heads off very quickly in about 15 minutes, dropped out the timber frame and then pulled out all the nails easily....."live and learn my friends".

With a good drop saw, a small bench rip saw, a mates bench mounted 300mm disc sander, some wood glue, screws, hammer, chisel and sand paper this is what I have achieved and like I said, slowly at first but after I completed one panel the other one just flew together fast as my confidence grew.
As you can see from the photos below the new timbers still need sanding off some more just to clean them up, I have not nailed the metal panels back on yet, that will be done when we assemble the body to the main timber rails so that adjustments to the doors can be made, but I am happy with the result and also I have made some of the timber a little thicker/taller like along the bottom where it will screw to the main timber rails after I recess it out just for extra strength, well thats the plan and i seemed like a good thing to do??

I now have the windscreen removed from the cowl and the cowl is laying face down to made it easier to work on so that I can now reproduce the two upright timber peices on that.



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