Friday, September 30, 2011

Resto - "Chair-Loc" applied to timber spokes

Well the "Chair-Loc" from the USA arrived last week and I have brushed two coats onto the timber spoked wheels aready with the 2nd coat going on a couple of days ago which has still not completely dried off so its a waiting game now before I can lightly sand them all back again, fill up some holes, then give them a final few coats of lacquer and then bolt then all back together.
The "Chair-Loc" is a not to thickish liquid that brushes on very well but does tack off quickly just the same so you don't want to take you time with it, and yes the second coat went on alot quicker than the first anyway here are a couple of pix of them dring off in the resto shed, oh and I have buffed and cleaned up the metal rims on both the timber spokes and also the tyre rims ready for reassembly.

While all that was going on I also found a little time to resprayed the front and back brake drums which by the way will look great when bolted back onto the timber wheels and now I just have to clean up all the bolts and thread ends to make a good job of it.

One other thing that I completed a few weeks back was that I made up the two new cowl / firewall timber posts, it was a first time for everything so I had a go at making them and they came up looking just great, still yet to mount the metal hardware to them but that will happen when we install the front doors and you can line everything up properly.
All this helps if you have the original old timbers to copy off which I did although a little rotten as you can see but those two cowl timbers had some tricky little angles and curves on them just the same which do not show up in the pix.

Well thats about it for the moment as I'm just waiting for the spokes to dry off then I'll be back into it ASAP.


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