Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We walked for dad again "Light The Night" - Leukemia Foundation

Oh 12 months can fly by, and again the Leukemia Foundations "Light The Night" walk was on again and I said last year after our massive effort that we all put in to raise money that I would walk again and will walk every year for dad and I wasn't going back on my word.
After attending the Melbourne walk last year with about 3000 people we decided that this year we would support our smaller regional walk which was held up at Traralgon in "Victory Park" instead of us having to drive down to Melbourne.
As the afternoon closed in so did the weather and by 4pm it was absolutely pouring straight down with very heavy rain, by 6pm when we picked up Mum it had not eased up at all but the 5 of us were still keen to go up to participate, put our money in the tin, turn on our lanterns and walk for dad.
We arrive at at 6.30pm as we pulled into the car park just on dark, yes it's still pissing down and the local hall on the edge of the park where the walk was to start from had about 40 people sitting inside around the edge like an old time dance all looking rather cheesed off and blank at the conditions outside.
We went in, signed up, put our money in the collection, got our lanterns then stood around for a few minutes wondering what is going on? I then asked a few people "is the walk on, are you going to walk" which I got replies like "It's to wet" - "oh no the weathers bad" - "do you want a cooked sausage".......
Now I know it's raining hard outside, there's no wind, just rain, and what's a little bit of water anyways and besides that,  dad went thru hell in hospital fighting this shit cancer for 6 weeks and he showed us all you just don't give up when your cards are all but screwed up and thrown down in front of you so be buggered if I'm going to just stand in the hall eating a cooked bloody sausage and let some rain stop us, so I looked at Lisa, Mum and my two kids and we all knew what the other was thinking, we walked outside, put up our umbrella's turned on our lantern and the 5 of us started walking through the park, yes just the 5 of us! and it felt bloody good to do, yes a little damp I'll admitt but bloody good just the same and sure the emotional charged levels of last years Melbourne walk were not there, but as we walked across the park grounds, following the wet footpath the 5 of us joked and laughed about it and about what dad would be saying,  "Silly buggers, go on get home out of the rain".

As we kept walking through the park a darkly dressed figure carrying a black bag came running towards us, it turned out to be a camera-man from the local "WIN-NEWS" who came running over and wanted to get some footage of the event which made it seem a little more silly as there was only the 5 of us swinging our brightly lit lanterns, so he got some footage for the nightly news and we all done the ole man proud, but next year I think we shall return back down to Melbourne and make a night of it.....Love ya Dad xxoo

Here are a few pix of last years Melbourne walk...

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