Friday, September 9, 2011

Resto - Rear axle pivots cleaned and regreased.

Today the 4 x u-bolts that hold the rear axle in place to the springs were removed and dismantled so that the "Axle Saddles" could be pulled apart, clean, regreased and then all re-assemebled again like new and yes they were rather dirty and gummed up inside, but not anymore.
I had the assistance of Ray once more who showed up today around lunchtime for a quick visit with a few spare parts from his "man cave" that came in very handy, cheers Ray.
We also rigged up the speedo temporally with the cordless drill and a couple of long wood screws onto the make shift timber dash after giving it a little TLC and so then I through Ray the "keys" to Monty for a lap of honour up and down the street and yes Ray jumped at the chance for the ride of his life....One very brave man!

Here is that video taken today

Also today after Ray left to go back to Melbounre I removed the 4 x brake drums from the wooden spoke wheels as now the chev is sitting back up on jacks stands in the shed wheel-less looking all bare again and undriveable :(
The timber spokes that are located in behind the brakes drums are rock solid and extremely tight which is great, I will give this area a good clean and light sanding while I am waiting for the "Chair-Loc" product to arrive from the USA and also while I am at it I will clean, prep and then paint black the outer facing sides of the brake drums which will clean up the look of the finished timber spokes when all re-assembled and completed..

Cheers once again and thanks heaps...Grant

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