Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Resto - Timber spoke wheels getting a makeover

So now we are onto the timber spoke wheels of the old Chev and after our little fun "test drive" on the weekend I decided to remove the wheels from the car and get the four of them ready for the "Chair-Loc" product when it arrives from the States.
I unbolted the front and rear brake drums from the wheels and to my surprise all of the original 6 bolts on each wheel are still like new with no rust at all on them and it also took a bit of heavy hitting with the hammer and punch to knock each one of them out, which is a good sign that the timber is nice and tight and it looks like it is to, so with a little sanding they will look great.

I then turned over each wheel and lightly but carefully tapped with a hammer onto a small block of wood so not to dint the timber, each of the spokes evenly as I went around in a circle a few times until the spokes came away from the steel hub by about 10mm and you don't want to go to far as to disturb the join between each spoke, this is so that I can sand in between the hub and timbers a little and then also brush in the "Chair-Loc" to make a nice and secure job of it, but just by looking at the wheels now I think I am pretty bloody lucky to have timbers in this condition considering it sat outside in the weather under a tree on a farm for a good few years before dad stumbled across it.....

More info and pictures will follow soon over the next couple of weeks after I sand, fill and lacquer up the timber.
Thanks for looking in from time to time, Grant :)

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